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Jolly Icons + Busy Icons + Friendly Icons

900 hand-drawn icons in 1 bundle

Spooky Icons — 100 hand-drawn Halloween vector icons
Jolly Bundle: Scribble Icons and Ui Kit for hand-drawn websites

Jolly Icons + Jolly UI

400 hand-drawn icons and hand-drawn UI kit

Sunny Icons — 90 hand-drawn weather icons

90 hand-drawn vector weather icons

Hand-Drawn Goods is a place to find the best hand-drawn icons and UI elements for sites and apps. All hand-drawn sets are painted with love to add personality and joy to your projects!

Icons are created in a unique hand-drawn style and lovingly doodled — that’s something that cannot be substituted by filters or effects. All pieces are painted and then carefully vectorized, preserving line structure, tiny details and figure irregularities that distinguish original handcrafted work from vector illustrations that are initially created with vector outlines.

Hand-drawn icon set a must-have for every designer, who is creating a hand-drawn website, application or print media!

Icon Sizes

All hand-drawn icons are available in AI, EPS, PSD and PNG formats. PNG icons are provided in 4 sizes: 32x32px, 48x48px, 64x64px and 128x128px. All icons are scalable and customizable.

Check out the freebies section to give it a try!

Extended icon formats

Many sets are also provided in web font formats. They include TTF+EOT+SVG+WOFF icon fonts, a CSS file and an HTML demo. Besides that, each icon is included in a separate a SVG file for custom font rendering.

Ultimate icon sets include all of the formats in one download. You get vector .AI and .EPS files, .PSD in vector shapes, raster graphic formats in 4 sizes, SVG source file for each icon saved separately and icon fonts.

Hand-drawn icon font formats