Hand-Drawn Goods project is brought to you by Olly and Jucke from Hatchers (http://hatcherscreative.com).

We appreciate neat design and clear user interaction. Apart from regular web projects for clients we design custom hand-drawn UI elements. Hand drawn icons and UI elements facilitate user experience and bring life to web and app interfaces.

We started designing custom hand-drawn icons for web design projects, mostly in social blocks, such as facebook icon or youtube icon, “like” and “share” buttons and small interface elements. The sites went live and we’ve started receiving inquiries for designing similar custom icons for other people’s projects.

That’s why we decided to create the first professional commercial set of hand-drawn icons. Some of the projects require more specific icons (such as business icons or education icons). And we made new icon sets for this purpose. We already designed hundreds of hand-drawn vector icons and more set are coming up!

If you’d like to see what else do we do, pop over behancedribbble and our portfolio.

We love all kinds of feedback! If you are using Hand Drawn Goods products for an app or on a website, let us know! We would greatly appreciate if you share your opinion. Use our feedback form to share links to your projects, reviews, questions and suggestions.

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