Hand-drawn food mini-sets

This week we released 6 hand-drawn food mini-sets each of them being part of Tasty Icons — 500 hand-drawn food icons.

We divided this huge set into smaller groups of icons, each of them featuring a selected topic. So now, you can get fruits and vegetables only if you aren’t going to use desserts in the design.

All the food icons come in AI, EPS, PSD, PDF and PNG formats and in 4 sizes: 32×32px, 48×48px, 64×64px, 128×128px.

Download the new Foursquare icon and Swarm hand-drawn icon

We are planning a yearly update for social icons. We want to make sure that any outdated social icons are redesigned and updated to the current version. Send us enquiries for social icon updates any time! Meanwhile, enjoy these new Foursquare icon and hand-drawn Swarm icon.

> Download new Foursquare icon and Swarm icon

Foursquare and Swarm Updated Hand-Drawn Icons

Jolly Bundle release — 600+ hand-drawn interface elements

We made this release due to requests from people who would like to have both hand-drawn icons and hand-drawn UI kit as a single product with some discount. So, Jolly Icons is now joined with Jolly UI kit in one bundle. That’s 400 hand-drwn icons and more than 200 hand-drawn interface elements altogether for $49 (15% off).

Jolly Bundle: Scribble Icons and Ui Kit for hand-drawn websites

Check out this bundle.

Release: hand-drawn icon fonts

All of hand-drawn icon fonts are now avaliable as single products: Jolly Icons Font, Brainy Icons Font, Busy Icons Font and Friendly Icons Font.

New icon fonts

Jolly Icons Font includes 400 characters from the following categories: web, interfaces, technology, multimedia, weather, social networks, communication, e-commerce, food, leisure, etc.

Friendly Icons Font (160 icons) features social networks, apps, platforms, messengers, cloud services, sharing tools and interface elements.

Busy Icons Font provides 340 characters related to business, management, HR, investments, startups, marketing, time management and productivity, strategy, e-commerce and interface elements.

Brainy Icons Font is a science and education icon font perfect for projects related to illustrating science concepts and ideas, school, university, laboratory, thinking, math, space, technology, various abstract concepts and education.


Hand-drawn icon font formats


Icon font formats

They include icon font formats (TTF, WOFF, SVG, EOT) with a @font-face CSS file with all classes and character mappings.. For those who would prefer to generate a custom social icon font using only those icon glyphs that are needed for your project — we included source file for each icon in SVG format. You can easily generate custom font using SVG vector source files in one of the web font generators, such as icomoon.com orfontello.com. This will reduce site load time with no quality loss and bust the performance even more!

Free icon font — Jolly Icons Free Font

Jolly Icons Free Font – hand-drawn free icon font

There’s also a free icon font Jolly Icons Free Font. It’s based on the free set of 36 hand-drawn icons Jolly Icons Free and is avaliable for download!

Release: ultimate hand-drawn icon sets

Each of the regular hand-drawn icon sets has now an extended version: Jolly Icons Ultimate, Busy Icons Ultimate, Brainy Icons Ultimate and Friendly Icons Ultimate.

New file formats

In an addition to 4 file formats, ultimate icon sets include icon font formats to make it easier to use the icons on web pages. Icon font is provided in TTF, EOT, SVG, WOFF formats along with a CSS file with all classes and character mappings.

Hand Drawn Icons (Vector Sources + Icon Font)

We also provide separate vector source files for each icon in SVG format. It allows you to use any icons of your choice to generate a custom icon font in a font generator apps, such as fontello.com or icomoon.com.

Icon Fonts on Hand Drawn Goods

What’s up, everyone! There’s been a while since our last post, so here is an update of what are we up to in Hand Drawn Goods.

There will be icon fonts

Currently we are working on icon font versions of our icon sets as well as developing new hand drawn products for our store. We have already released an icon font version of Jolly Icons along with Jolly Icons Ultimate set which includes all formats avaliable: PSD, AI, EPS, PNG, SVG + icon font (WOFF+EOT+SVG+TIFF and a CSS file).

Read more

Product Release: Friendly Icons

Friendly Icons – Hand Drawn Social Media Icons

Friendly Icons is out new icon set featuring social media icons as well as app icons and icons for sharing buttons. To make the set more balanced and diverse, aside of globally known social media networks, we included country-based biggest social networks, such as Chinese Weibo icon, Russian VK network icon and many others. There are also few professional groups of icons, such as web development networks used by coders and developers or design networks (like Behance icon) for creative professionals.

To see full list of 280 social media hand drawn icons and full description of the set and icon features, check out Friendly Icons.

Christmas Icons release

Hand Drawn Goods created a very special icon product to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. Merry Icons is a set of 100 hand drawn Christmas icons.

Merry Icons – 100 Christmas Vector Icons by Hand Drawn Goods

All the Christmas icons are provided in scalable vector formats as well as .png files in 4 different sizes. This set goes along with a little freebie – Merry Icons Free.

Product Release: Busy Icons added to icon sets

Busy Icons — 340 hand-drawn office and business icons

Busy Icons is our new set of 340 hand-drawn business and office icons added to our icon sets store. This set works best with app designs focused on corporate workflow and business processes. There are also icons picturing business terms and abstractions (such as “strategy” or “leadership”). Those may be used for print design or illustrations for business related books and articles.

This huge icons set covers such topics as business, management, finance, human resources, investments, startups, marketing, time management and productivity, strategy, e-commerce, office, etc.

To see more details and full list of icons, check out Busy Icons.

We plan to release Busy Icons Free (a set of 36 free business icons) September 2013. Follow us on Twitter for news, icon sets and freebie releases!

Hand Drawn Goods launch

We are on air! Meet Hand Drawn Goods (handdrawngoods.com) – a place to shop icons and UI elements painted in hand-drawn style.


Hand Drawn Goods – Logo



URL: handdrawngoods.com
Author, Branding, Design: Olly @ Hatchers
Technology: Jucke @ Hatchers
Twitter: @handdrawngoods
Facebook: facebook.com/handdrawngoods

How did it start?

Apart from web projects we’ve been designing hand drawn vector icons for some time now. Hand drawn icons and UI elements facilitate user experience and bring life to apps and web interfaces. Our first independent set of icons was Jolly Icons (jollyicons.com) was launched in May 2013.

In a last few months we’ve created more then a thousand unique hand drawn icons for the most popular tasks and topics (UI, social media and sharing, business, office, education, etc.) Each of the sets includes hundreds of vector icons on a certain subject. We paint them with love to add personality and joy to people’s projects! Hand Drawn Goods is a store featuring all our icon sets on one page.

Heart Icon: .png, .ai, .psd, .jpg formats and four sizes

What’s next?

Hand Drawn Goods is going to grow, as we have already planned a handful of icon sets. There will also be bundle offers and more freebies. Almost every icon set is going to come along with a free version of 36 hand drawn icons.