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Icon Fonts on Hand Drawn Goods

What’s up, everyone! There’s been a while since our last post, so here is an update of what are we up to in Hand Drawn Goods.

There will be icon fonts

Currently we are working on icon font versions of our icon sets as well as developing new hand drawn products for our store. We have already released an icon font version of Jolly Icons along with Jolly Icons Ultimate set which includes all formats avaliable: PSD, AI, EPS, PNG, SVG + icon font (WOFF+EOT+SVG+TIFF and a CSS file).

Why use icon fonts?

There’s been any articles on the subject, and briefly speaking icon fonts allow to add icons to web layouts seamlessly, optimize the performance, and also style each icon with CSS, saving time from generating sprites or editing the images.

Free icon fonts

To get a closer look at icon font products, download Jolly Icons Free Font which includes 36 characters from this set and a CSS file with all the classes and mapping, ready to go on a website. We also provide SVG files for each icon, so that you can generate your own version of the font, using only the icons that you actually need and creating your own mappings and CSS classes.

We are now working on icon font versions of Busy Icons, Brainy Icons and Friendly Icons as well.

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