Good news

In September we started working on new products. Now two new icon sets have been released: hand-drawn weather icons (Sunny Icons) and scary icons for Halloween (Spooky Icons).

Boogeyman Halloween icon — Spooky Icons


Sunny Icons — 90 hand-drawn weather icons

Spooky Icons — 100 hand-drawn Halloween vector icons


Spooky Icons Free — 12 hand-drawn Halloween vector icons

Sunny Icons — Free Weather Icons


Our latest icon sets and Jolly UI have been recently featured in various blogs and magazines. Check out these articles, there’s more free and useful resources for designers to find!

Dribbble updates

We often update Dribbble with snippets and previews for the new products. There’re also some hand-drawn goodies and bespoke icons made for different projects across the web. Follow on!

Portfolio Items