Kitchen Icons

Print them, use them in your menu designs, on a website, in an app, newsletter, or on the packaging. Bon appétit!
Topics covered: cooking, kitchen tools, cooking processes, sauces, and spices.
What's inside
90 Hand-Drawn Kitchen Icons

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Hand-Drawn Kitchen Icons is a set of 90 hand-drawn icons available in AI, EPS, PSD, PDF, and PNG formats and in 4 sizes: 32×32, 48×48, 64×64, 128×128.
Topics covered: cooking, kitchen tools, cooking processes, sauces, and spices.
What's included
– Vector master files with all the icons (AI, EPS, PDF, PSD)
– 90 PNG files 32×32 px (raster)
– 90 PNG files 48×48 px (raster)
– 90 PNG files 64×64 px (raster)
– 90 PNG files 128×128 px (raster)

– Preview file (JPG)

– Icon list (TXT)

– Readme file
– License
List of icons
Row 1
vinegar, soy-sauce, gravy-boat, ketchup, mortar-pestle, mustard-ketchup, salt, pepper, salt-pepper, pepper-salt

Row 2
mill, maple-syrup, honey, honey-stick, cutlery, cutlery, cutlery, kitchen-tools, turner-knife, boning-knife

Row 3
knife, bread-knife, cleaver, chef-knives, knife-stand, chop, cutting-board, cutting-board, apron, kitchen-glove

Row 4
chinese-spoon, ladle, cork-screw, chefs-fork, spatula, pizza-cutter, meat-mallet-tenderiser, grater, box-grater, balloon-whisk

Row 5
juicer, rolling-pin, rolling-dough, colander, strainer, measuring-cup, measuring-cup, mix, hot-dish, hot-soup

Row 6
pour, add-pinch, stir, whip, taste, boil, fry, stir-fry-wok, grill, fire

Row 7
pot, saucepan, pot, simmer, slowcook, cooking, frying, boiling, stove-pot, measuring-spoons

Row 8
egg-timer, kitchen-scales, kitchen-scales, kettle, hand-mixer, mincer, stand-mixer, blender, toaster, microwave

Row 9
microwave, oven, stove, groceries, grocery-bag, picnic-basket, oil, olive-oil, sauce-bottle, sauce

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Treat yourself with this free set of 36 hand-drawn food icons. Available in AI, EPS, PSD, and PNG formats (in 4 sizes: 32×32, 48×48, 64×64, 128×128) and released under the Creative Commons Attribution license. It’s absolutely delicious!
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