Busy Icons Ultimate

You’ll get 340 hand-drawn business icons in 8 file formats released so far, including vector source files, raster images in four sizes, icon font files and vector files for custom font rendering (PNG, PSD, AI, EPS, SVG, TTF, WOFF, EOT, CSS, SVG).
What's inside
Busy Icons Ultimate — 340 Hand-Drawn Icons

Full list
Hand-drawn business icon font
Busy Icons Ultimate is a set of 340 hand-drawn business icons that includes an icon font (TTF, WOFF, SVG, EOT formats) as well as graphic formats and source files in AI, EPS, PSD, PDF, and PNG formats. Raster files (PNG) are provided 4 sizes: 32×32, 48×48, 64×64, 128×128.

Topics covered: business, management, finance, human resources, investments, startups, marketing, time management and productivity, strategy, e-commerce, office, and more.
What's included
JPG preview file
– Icon list in a TXT file
– Illustrator AI file with all the icons
– Illustrator EPS file with all the icons
– 340 PNG files 32×32 px (raster)
– 340 PNG files 48×48 px (raster)
– 340 PNG files 64×64 px (raster)
– 340 PNG files 128×128 px (raster)
PSD file (vector, compound shapes, grouped by row). Each icon is located on a separate named layer inside corresponding row group. All the icons in PSD files are saved in vector shapes for scalability.
– 340 Illustrator SVG vector files (each icon in a separate file)
– Busy Icons Font (340 glyphs): TTF, EOT, WOFF, SVG font formats + CSS file + demo HTML file with font mappings
– Readme file
– License
List of icons
Row 1
dollar-sign icon, euro-sign icon, pound-sign icon, yen-sign icon, ruble-sign icon, currencies icon, money icon 01, money icon 02, money icon 03, money icon 04, money icon 05, money icon 06, ingots icon, credit-card icon, atm-cash icon, wallet icon, exchange icon, percentage icon, bank icon 01, bank icon 02

Row 2
money-growth icon, money-scales icon, piggy-bank icon, safe icon, diamond icon, cloud-coins icon, periscope-money icon, magnet-money icon, plant-money icon, nest-money icon, funnel-money icon, hand-money icon 01, hand-money icon 02, hand-globe icon, hand-key icon, handshake icon, glass-celebration icon, pen-signing icon, stamp icon, key icon 01

Row 3
chess icon 01, chess icon 02, chess icon 03, aim icon, target icon, telescope icon, binoculars icon, fishes icon, umbrella icon, puzzle icon, steering-wheel icon, bonsai icon, strategy icon 01, strategy icon 02, yinyang icon, scales icon, apple icon, funnel icon, rocket icon 01, rocket icon 02

Row 4
exit icon, lightbulb icon 01, lightbulb icon 02, flash icon, lab icon, plant icon, egg icon, recycling icon, fire icon, gears icon 01, gears icon 02, tools icon 01, tools icon 02, wrench icon, gauge icon 01, gauge icon 02, satellite icon, dish icon, megaphone icon, speech bubble icon 01, speech bubble icon 02

Row 5
phone icon, fax icon, printer icon, calculator icon 01, calculator icon 02, calculator icon 03, keyboard icon, mouse icon, lamp icon, briefcase icon, chair icon, pencil icon, pen icon, quill icon, ruler-compasses icon, magnifying glass icon, paper-plane icon, paper-clip icon, pin icon, coffee icon

Row 6
scissors icon, note-paper icon, pens-pencils icon, trash-bin icon, abacus icon, folders icon, outgoing icon, incoming icon, box icon, drawer icon, folder icon 01, folder icon 02, folder icon 03, folder icon 04, folder icon 05, contact-book icon 01, contact-book icon 02, contact-book icon 03, book icon 01, book icon 02

Row 7
book icon 03, envelope icon 01, envelope icon 02, envelope-money icon, newspaper-news icon, newspaper-jobs icon, document-pen icon, file icon 01, file icon 02, file icon 03, file icon 04, file icon 05, file icon 06, file icon 07, file icon 08, file icon 09, file icon 10, files icon, checklist icon 01, checklist icon 02

Row 8
checklist icon03, calendar icon 01, calendar icon 02, calendar icon 03, calendar icon 04, calendar icon 05, clock icon, stop-watch icon, hourglass icon, bell icon, bomb icon, award icon 01, award icon 02, award icon 03, crown icon, certificate icon, shield icon, emblem icon, award icon 04, award icon 05

Row 9
flag icon, star icon, thumb-up icon, lock icon, key icon 02, buildings icon, sale-sign icon, headquarters icon, factory icon, globe icon 01, globe icon 02, globe-money icon, open-sign icon, closed-sign icon, 24-7 sign icon, e-commerce icon, scissors-coupon icon, tag icon, delivery icon, 24-hours icon

Row 10
support-person icon, shopping-cart icon, arrows-up-down icon, arrow-left icon, arrow-right icon, chart icon 01, chart icon 02, chart icon 03, chart icon 04, chart icon 05, chart icon 06, chart icon 07, pie-chart icon 01, pie-chart icon 02, chart-pyramid icon, chart-analysis icon, chart icon 08, pulse icon, chart-board icon, strategy icon 03

Row 11
diagram-hierarchy icon, venn-diagram icon, chart icon 09, chart icon 10, chart icon 11, chart icon 12, chart icon 13, chart icon 14, chart icon 15, chart icon 16, chart icon 17, chart icon 18, chart icon 19, chart icon 20, chart icon 21, database icon, cloud-down icon, cloud-up icon, folder-online icon, security icon

Row 12
laptop icon, screen icon, tablet icon, smartphone icon, laptop-envelope icon, laptop-charts icon 01, laptop-person icon, laptop-charts icon 02, laptop-text icon, laptop-charts icon 03, laptop-money icon, laptop-gears icon, laptop-cart icon, laptop-lock icon, tablet-charts icon 01, tablet-charts icon 02, tablet-charts icon 03, tablet-charts icon 04, tablet-charts icon 05, tablet-text icon

Row 13
smartphone-gears icon, smartphone-exclamation icon, smartphone-charts icon 01, smartphone-charts icon 02, smartphone-person icon, smartphone-money icon, browser icon 01, browser icon 02, profile icon, badge icon 01, badge icon 02, person-puzzle icon, person-clock icon, person-globe icon, person-chart icon 01, person-info icon, person-money icon 01, person-money icon 02, person-check icon, person-cross icon

Row 14
person-arrows icon 01, person-arrows icon 02, person-flag icon, person-umbrella icon, person-meditation icon, person-chart icon 02, person-chart icon 03, person-chart icon 04, person-stairs icon, person-megaphone icon, person-laurels icon, person-handshake icon, person-idea icon 01, person-meeting icon 01, person-meeting icon 02, person-team icon, person-phone icon, person-presentation icon 01, person-presentation icon 02, person-presentation icon 03

Row 15
person-presentation icon 04, person-idea icon 01, person-gears icon, person-scales icon, person-arrows icon 03, person-arrows icon 04, person-arrows icon 05, person-structure icon, person-search icon 01, person-search icon 02, person-arrows icon 06, people-structure icon 01, people-structure icon 02, people-structure icon 03, people-structure icon 04, people-structure icon 05, people-structure icon 06, people-structure icon 07, user icon 01, users icon

Row 16
user icon 02, user icon 03, user icon 04, user icon 05, user icon 06, user icon 07, user icon 08, user icon 09, manager icon 01, manager icon 02, manager-idea icon, manager-globe icon, head icon, head-check icon, head-gears icon, head-structure icon, head-flash icon, head-gauge icon, head-battery icon, head-arrows icon

Row 17
head-money icon, head-hourglass icon, head-compass icon, head-question icon, head-exclamation icon, head-idea icon, graduation-hat icon, brain icon, character icon 01, character icon 02, character icon 03, character icon 04, character icon 05, character icon 06, character icon 07, character icon 08, hat icon, hat and moustache icon, glasses and moustache icon, tie icon
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Busy Icons Free

Busy Icons Free is a set of 36 hand-drawn vector business icons. Add some fun to your keynotes and reports with these neat and joyful hand-drawn icons!
The icons are available as AI, EPS, PSD, PDF and PNG (in 4 sizes: 32×32, 48×48, 64×64, 128×128) and released under the Creative Commons Attribution license.