Friendly Icons

Friendly Icons is a set of 160 hand-drawn social media and apps icons. Social network icons include not only global most popular networks but also local social networks, including Chinese and Russian social network icons. There are also icons for browsers, mobile and gaming platforms, professional networks, programming languages, cloud storage services, and much more! The full list of Friendly Icons’ featured apps and services is listed below.
What's inside
160 Hand-Drawn Social Vector Icons

Full list
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Friendly Icons is a set of 160 hand-drawn icons available in AI, EPS, PSD, and PNG formats and in 4 sizes: 32×32, 48×48, 64×64, 128×128.

We included icons for popular networks (like youtube icon), social icons for coders & developers, icons for bloggers, local Chinese and Russian social networks, gamer networks icons, icons for artists, designers, and illustrators, search engines, TV networks, hand-drawn RSS icons and more! See the full list of icons below.
What's included
– Vector master files with all the icons (AI, EPS, PDF, PSD)
– 160 PNG files 32×32 px (raster)
– 160 PNG files 48×48 px (raster)
– 160 PNG files 64×64 px (raster)
– 160 PNG files 128×128 px (raster)

– Preview file (JPG)

– Icon list (TXT)

– Readme file
– License
List of icons

Row 1
Facebook icon, Twitter icon, G+ icon, Linkedin icon, Xing icon, Meetup icon, Myspace icon, Frendster icon, Bebo icon, Badoo icon

Row 2 icon, Open Id icon, Netlog icon, Orkut icon, Vkontakte icon, Odnoklasniki icon, Weibo icon, Kaixin icon, Renren icon, Douban icon

Row 3
Youtube icon 1, Youtube icon 2, Vimeo icon, Viddler icon, Instagram icon, Vine icon, Flikr icon, 500px icon, Picasa icon, Hipstamatic icon

Row 4
Foursquare icon, Path icon, Yelp icon, Blogger icon, Tumblr icon, Livejournal icon, Medium icon, Storify icon, WordPress icon, Drupal icon

Row 5
Gittip icon, Github icon 1, Github icon 2, Github icon 3, Bitbucket icon, StackOverflow icon, Forrst icon, Zerply icon, Angellist icon, Slideshare icon

Row 6
Behance icon, Dribbble icon, Cargo icon, Deviantart icon, Adobe Creative Cloud icon, Adobe Account icon, Basecamp icon, Trello icon, MailChimp icon, Evernote Account icon

Row 7
Etsy icon, Creative Market icon, Envato icon, Paypal icon, Google Wallet icon, Amazon icon, Amazon Wishlist icon, Shopping Cart icon, Kickstarter icon, Kiva icon

Row 8
Rss icon, Buffer icon, Feedly icon, Pocket icon, Instapaper icon, Flipboard icon, Bookmark icon, Delicious icon, Mr Wong icon, Stumbleupon icon

Row 9
Pinterest icon, Fancy icon, Svpply icon, Netflix icon, Reddit icon, Newsvine icon, Digg icon, Slashdot icon, Technorati icon, 9gag icon

Row 10
Quora icon, Wikipedia icon, Spotify icon, Rdio icon, Pandora icon, Lastfm icon, Songza icon, Grooveshark icon, Soundcloud icon, Soundhound icon

Row 11
Itunes icon, Podcast icon, Skype icon, Hangout icon, Aim icon, ICQ icon, Viber icon, WhatsApp icon, QiP icon, Chat icon

Row 12
Codecademy icon, Tree House icon, Codeschool icon, Html5 icon, Css3 icon, Python icon, Ruby icon, Google icon, Yahoo icon, Bing icon

Row 13
Baidu icon, Chrome icon, Safari icon, Firefox icon, IE icon, Opera icon, Dropbox icon, Google Drive icon, Skydrive icon, Cloud App icon

Row 14
Apple icon, Android icon, Windows icon 1, Windows icon 2, Blackberry icon, Linux icon, Ubuntu icon, Appstore icon, Google Play icon, GameCenter icon

Row 15
Steam icon, Xbox icon, Playstation icon, Wii icon, Custom Like icon, Link icon, Share icon, Retweet icon, Plus icon, Heart icon

Row 16
Star icon, Email icon 1, Email icon 2, User icon, Profile icon, Users icon, Photo icon, Video icon, Location icon, Mic icon
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