Sunny Icons

Sunny Icons is a weather icon set that contains 90 unique hand-drawn weather icons. All icons are carefully handcrafted with love and attention to detail.

Weather icons are provided in raster and vector image formats. They are unlimitedly scalable, royalty-free, and can be used for any purpose and media.
What's inside
Sunny Icons – 90 hand-drawn weather icons
Full list
Comes with amazing features
  • Consistent line width and style
  • Perfect for UI, web & print design
  • Multiple file formats – AI, EPS, PDF, PSD, PNG
  • Vector (expandable to any size with without pixelation)
  • Editable – easily change colours & sizes in AI, EPS, PSD
  • Transparent individual files
  • Master files and individual files
  • Compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Affinity Designer etc.
What's included
– Vector master files with all the icons (AI, EPS, PDF, PSD)
– 90 PNG files 32×32 px (raster)
– 90 PNG files 48×48 px (raster)
– 90 PNG files 64×64 px (raster)
– 90 PNG files 128×128 px (raster)

– Preview file (JPG)

– Icon list (TXT)

– Readme file
– License
List of icons
Row 1
hospital, hospital, hospital, ambulance-car, ambulance-car, ambulance-helicopter, stretcher, hospital-bed, cross, star-of-life, cross-shield, cross-thought-bubble, caduceus, caduceus, caduceus, ribbon, phone-hotline, phone-hotline, sos, heart,

Row 2
insurance, care, care, health, briefcase, briefcase, medical-book, file-cross, file-heart, file-cardiogramme, file-heart, clip-board-cross, clip-board-cardiograme, clip-board-profile, clip-board-pen, certificate-diploma, filing-cabinet, folder-cross, badge, prescription

Row 3
cardiogramme, cardiogramme, chart-heart, screen-cardiogramme, screen-heart, screen-cross, laptop-cardiogramme, laptop-heart, laptop-cross, smartphone-cross, smartphone-heart, tablet-cardiogramme, tablet-heart, tablet-cross, stethoscope-phone, stethoscope-laptop, doctor, doctor, doctor, nurse

Row 4
nurse, doctor, doctor, patient-glasses, elderly-man, elderly-woman, face-mask, stethoscope, medical-prescription, medical-prescription, pharmacy-pestle-mortar, pestle-mortar, pestle-mortar-herb, test-tube, test-tube, test-tube, lab-flask, flask-tube, pill, pills

Row 5
pills, pills, pills, pills-bottle, pills-bottle, pills-bottle, homeopathy, aspirin, liquid-medicine, liquid-medicine, liquid-medicine, bottle-syringe, dropper, dropper, poison, syringe, syringe, drop-of-blood, blood-bag, blood-transfusion

Row 6
drop-counter, fingerprick, rhesus-positive, rhesus-negative, dna, dna, atom, chromosome, microscope, microbes, microbe, microbe, microbe, microbes-test, molecule, biohazard, radiation, danger-death, injury, injury

Row 7
heart-happy, heart-sad, heart-injury, head-ache-injury, head-cough, head-brain, head-throat, hand-burn, hand-scratch-dirty, brocken-injury, injury-bandage, injury-blood, injury-bandage, injury-cut, injury-cut, scalpel, hand-cast, leg-cast, leg-cast-crutch, body-cast

Row 8
man-cast, crutch, band-aid, band-aid, bone, bone, palm-bones, skull, xray-bones, xray-broken-bone, accident, person-recovery, person-elderly-help, person-elderly, person-elderly, disabled, disabled-healthcare, wheelchair, wheelchair-access, dead-body

Row 9
healthy-person, person-organs, person-bed, defibrillation, thermometer, brain, heart, lungs, liver, kidney, gut, skin, knee, muscle-biceps, feet, nose, smell, mouth, tongue, ear

Row 10
hearing, hearing-aid, eye, eyeball, eye-tear, laser-eye-surgery, laser-eye-surgery, medical-mirror, glasses,
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Sunny Icons

Sunny Icons Free is a set of 12 free weather icons. All icons are carefully handcrafted with love and attention to detail. Icons are available in AI, EPS, PSD and PNG (32×32, 48×48, 64×64, 128×128) formats and released under the Creative Commons

Attribution license. You are free to use them in your personal as well as commercial projects. However, please, always attribute Hand-Drawn Goods as the author.